This illustrator sketches Disney princesses as if they lived in 2017

There’s no shortage of stunning artwork inspired by Disney characters, but we’ve never seen our favorite Disney princesses looking quite so, well, modern.

Chilean artist Fernanda Suarez dreamt up the concept, and has since turned the dream into a reality via awesome illustrations. And her artwork does *not* underwhelm. The ladies are all hauntingly beautiful, and the only thing cooler than the artwork itself is their 2017-ified personas.

Even in this present-day alternate reality, the princesses maintain their token interests. Belle is still an avid reader, though we’re sure she’s swapped out her classic tales for modern titles like Harry Potter. Jasmine’s still got an affinity for felines — though her tiger has evolved into a tamed house cat. Snow White’s no shy apple either, looking fresh and fierce with her trendy cold shoulder top and textured ‘do. Oh, and Ariel, aka The Little Mermaid? Her long red locks are more glorious than ever.

Go ahead, check them out for yourselves.

1Snow White

How ’bout them apples!


That rose-patched chambray shirt is the trendiest of them all.

3Little Mermaid

Look at her see-through shirt and bra top combo — isn’t it neat?


Jasmine’s smoky eye is *so* on-point.


Who is this girl we see, staring straight back at me us? Mulan looks more ferocious than ever.


So beautiful.


(And yes, we’re totally wondering if 2017 Cinderella’s wearing glass slippers with her trendy choker and off-the-shoulder top.)

Please keep up the amazing work, Fernanda! You can support her art (and help her keep more awesome illustrations coming) via her Patreon, here.

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