Disney princesses reimagined as hot dogs (yes, we swear we’re serious)

Disney princesses are having a moment —to, uh, say the least. They’ve been reimagined and redrawn in every way possible: as tattooed pin-up girls, princesses with short hair, princesses wearing iconic red carpet dresses, and probably five-million other ways Disney Princesses could be redrawn and reimagined. But this reimagining takes things to a whole new—and delicious—level. And no, we swear we are NOT trolling you.

Food blog Lucky Peach decided to recreate Disney princesses as hot dogs. Yes, you read that correctly—hot dogs! Even though October is definitely not hot dog weather, we are firm believers in the eternal relevance of the hot dog. So why not reimagine Disney princesses as one of the best foods in the world? Lucky Peach assembled the ingredients and got to work. The results are marvelous. Behold: hot dog versions of Ariel, Belle, Pocahontas and Rapunzel.

Here’s Ariel from The Little Mermaid

And Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Oh, and Pocahontas from Pocahontas

And lastly, Rapunzel from Tangled

Amazing, right? If you’re feeling crafty, the post contains specific instructions for how to recreate each hot dog princess at home. Or, you could wing it and whip up a princess of your own. All you really need is a hot dog, a hot dog bun and various sauces. The rest can be improvised with whatever’s in your refrigerator.

What’s the inspiration behind the hot dog project? “Literally any way you decide to reimagine Disney princesses will be inspiring and beautiful, no matter what,” Lucky Peach writes. Can’t argue with that! Now excuse us, we’ll be fashioning some pickles into Mulan’s signature kimono.

Images via Twitter, Disney

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