Here are the Hogwarts houses that each Disney Princess belongs in

Any ride-or-die Harry Potter fan knows that the first thing you do when you meet someone new is analyze which Hogwarts house they belong in. It’s just a thing we do. We can’t help it. We’re sorry.

And if you are really bored, you can also start sorting other fictional characters into Hogwarts houses — it’s as if they are part of the HP universe because, hey, we can dream. So, in celebration of this beautiful fandom crossover, here’s where Disney Princesses would get sorted if they took the Hogwarts Express to the greatest place on (fictional) Earth.

Snow White: Hufflepuff


Snow White is so kind-hearted, gentle, and patient that animals flock to her when she cleans — which also proves she values a put-together home, doesn’t shy away from hard work, and longs for peace and happiness. If she’s not a Hufflepuff, I don’t know who is.

Belle: Gryffindor


Belle likes books, so folks like to stick her in Ravenclaw, but I’d argue that Belle is more of a Hermione (which is convenient since Emma Watson is playing her in the live-action BatB). She loves to read, but she is also fiery, passionate, and adventurous — after all, the reason she loves to read is because the stories transport her to another place. Plus, she sacrifices her freedom for her father without a second thought. Lion for sure.

Cinderella: Hufflepuff


Even the live-action Cinderella is a total Hufflepuff. She places the utmost importance on being kind and listening to your heart. She is eternally optimistic even in the most difficult of circumstances and —  like Snow White before her — she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty if she has a song in her heart.

Aurora: Ravenclaw


Aurora is dreamy (quite literally) and curious — the latter of which is evidenced by interest in the spindle that eventually puts her in a coma. Sure, that’s part of the spell — but even before the spindle incident, she’s all about the exploring her world. Like Alice before her, she desires to see where things come from and why they tick — which is probably her biggest weakness and her biggest asset.

Jasmine: Gryffindor


I almost put Jasmine into Slytherin because Slytherins are probably the house that takes the least amount of BS, and that is for sure a Jasmine trait. But she’s also pretty reckless and adventurous, which is proven by her willingness to give up a life of luxury and instead befriend wild animals who could rip her face off at any given moment (although who wouldn’t want Rajah as a pet? ADORBZ).

Tiana: Slytherin


Tiana is tied with Belle as my favorite Disney Princess, which makes sense since I personally toe the line between Gryffindor and Slytherin. When we first meet Tiana, she’s a tiny kid who already knows what she wants out of life. As she grows older, she even sacrifices personal relationships to achieve those goals. But she also learns how to love in the process — and Tiana’s unwavering ambition paired with her willingness to give her all to those who have earned her trust = pure Slytherin in the best way.

Pocahontas: Gryffindor


Pocahontas is a total Gryffinclaw as she’s both idealistic and grounded, but her thirst for adventure and harmony puts her staunchly into the lion’s den. Courage is probably her biggest characteristic, which she demonstrates when she continuously risks her safety for the betterment of  her own village and to save John Smith’s ass life. Too bad the real Pocahontas didn’t enjoy the same fate as the Disney one.

Ariel: Ravenclaw


I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: Ariel is the Luna Lovegood of Disney Princesses. Her head is always in the clouds and she hoards knickknacks, just like Luna. She loves learning about the world just out of her reach (which is also a Gryffindor trait). In fact, I’d say Gryffindor is definitely Ariel’s secondary house, considering she is adventurous and juuuust a bit reckless (lol).

Mulan: Gryffindor


Let’s see… an only child has zero fight training, but she confidently signs up for the Chinese army because she doesn’t want her aging father to fight — even though she’d be the only girl and she could be thrown in jail/killed for doing such a thing? Textbook Gryffindor.

Rapunzel: Ravenclaw


Rapunzel is kind of like an Aurora for the 21st century. Beautiful, blonde, taken from her royal family as a baby but really just dwelling in the woods across the street, etc. She spends most of her time sitting in her tower dreaming, but Rapunzel is extremely intelligent and crafty, judging by her hobbies (e.g., pottery, painting, chess).

Merida: Gryffindor


Like Mulan, Merida’s hypothetical Hogwarts house is a no-brainer (also she’s the only one on this list who would actually go to Hogwarts, considering she’s already in Scotland). Her movie is literally called Brave, guys, and she wants to be a fighter more than a princess. There’s no arguing this one.

Elsa: Slytherin


Elsa is tricky. My instinct is Ravenclaw because she’s so introspective — but truthfully, Elsa is a bit too grounded in reality to be a Ravenclaw, in my opinion. I think she’s a Slytherin deep down: a natural, ambitious leader who isn’t the best with emotions — but would do anything for her family.

Anna: Hufflepuff


Anna is extremely loyal and people-oriented. While she’s not the *most* patient as far as Disney Princesses go, she IS obsessed with chocolate. And, as we all know, the Hufflepuff common room is near the kitchens. I can’t imagine another place more perfect to sort the second-in-line-for-queen-of-Arendelle sister (though I wouldn’t be surprised if she was sorted into Gryffindor either).

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