This artist reimagined Disney Princesses with high fashion gowns and the result is stunning

It seems like not a day goes by when we don’t see another beautiful Disney reimagining. And, of course, some of our favorite fan art usually revolves around the iconic Disney princesses. Because, what’s not to love about these beautiful, smart, and heroic animated ladies? We’ve seen the Disney princesses imagined as ~modern~ teenagers as well as fabulous Anime-styled characters, and it’s all been so impressive. And now, another talented artist has reimagined the princesses’ outfits as some seriously high fashion-inspired looks. And, no surprise, the results are as fabulous as it sounds.

Check out these gorgeous high fashion Disney princesses from Mida Illustrations.

Like this insanely pretty Mulan in a short-tulle gown.

Pocahontas sporting a super sparkly and chic look that’s to die for.

Jasmine in a midriff baring crop and skirt we wish we could have RIGHT NOW.

Belle in a very ~Old Hollywood~ inspired red carpet look.

Ariel rocking a beautiful ensemble in her iconic colors.

Aurora in the prettiest short skirt and train combination ever.

Cinderella rocking a far more modern look for the ball.

And finally, Snow White looking like she just stepped off the cover of Vogue.

And here’s what these high fashion princesses look like altogether!

We are so in love with all these beautiful re-designs for our some of our favorite Disney princesses!

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