The largest gathering of IRL Disney Princesses just happened, because magic is real

One princess is pretty good. Two is even better. Now, 10 Disney Princesses? That’s something completely unheard of — until now.

In what is so far the largest gathering of Disney Princesses ever in the same space, Disney’s bi-annual convention, D23 Expo reunited not just two princesses together, and not even three or four, but 10 different ladies we love, all sharing one stage together. They say a dream is a wish your heart makes, and yeah, we’ve been dreaming of this day for a while.

The royalty in attendance included, from left to right:

Paige O’Hara who the voice of Belle, Irene Bedard the voice of Pocahontas, Mandy Moore the voice of Rapunzel, Auli’i Cravalho the voice of Moana, Sarah Silverman the voice of Vanellope Von Schweetz (Vanellope is a princesses, and I will hear nothing otherwise), Kristen Bell the voice of Anna, Kelly Macdonald the voice of Merida, Anika Noni Rose the voice of Tiana, Linda Larkin the voice of Jasmine, and Jodi Benson the voice of Ariel.


Now, do you want to hear the reason these ladies were all together? This is a doozy, so take a seat: They’re all going to be in a Disney movie together. 

Disney’s upcoming Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet brings these 10 Disney princesses together for the first time ever. You’re going to have to see Ralph 2 to really understand how they all fit together in one scene, but trust me, it’s great, because I saw it. It’s nothing short of ? x ?.

Also here’s a pic of the ladies taking a selfie with Josh Gad, just because. Disney Princess selfie #GOALS.


While we’ve still got to wait till November to check out Ralph, at least we have this picture to hold us over for now. So print it out, frame it, hang it above your mantel. This kind of Disney magic doesn’t happen every day.