Here’s what Disney Princesses would look like in ‘Clueless’

We’re still celebrating Clueless‘ 20th birthday, since, in truth, we’re always celebrating Clueless. Because, in case you haven’t heard, we think it’s one of the best movies ever. No “as if!” needed here. This is a cold, hard FACT.

Know what else we love a lot? Disney princesses. So thankfully, our friends over at Cosmopolitan have combined these two things together. What would it look like if Disney princesses were the characters in Clueless? Wonder no more, because they’ve shared with the world some amazing recreations, starring Cinderella as Cher. Or, as they’re calling her, “Cinder-Cher.”

Along with Cinder-Cher, we’ve got Princess Jasmine playing Dionne, and Ariel as Amber. Here are the girls, hanging out during gym class (which is one of the best scenes of the entire movie). 90s high school isn’t complete without Snow White, Belle, and Tiana, too.

How about another great scene in the movie, the driving scene? Dionne gets behind the wheel of the magic carpet. I mean car. And immediately starts fighting with Aladdin. I mean Murray. Cinder-Cher’s stuck in the backseat through this whole fight/terrifying highway experience.

OK, but now the real BEST scene of the movie. The top-of-the-stairs scene, where Cinder-Cher and Prince Charming, AKA JOSH, realize their feelings for one another. The two then share in the best 90s kiss ever. Of course, Josh is played by Prince Charming. He is Prince Charming. So many Clueless FEELS.

You can check out the whole series of Princess/Clueless recreations over at Cosmopolitan. And if you need us for the rest of the day, we’re going to be real busy obsessing over these images.

(Images via Cosmopolitan.)

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