Here’s what Disney Princesses would look like as human brides

Your wedding is fully YOUR day, meaning you get to wear whatever you want. Jeans, a retro skirt you found in a vintage shop, a classic white, flow-y dress. Or, you could choose a dress inspired by a real Disney princess. Seriously. If looking like a dazzling, magical princess on your big day is something you always dreamed of, we have news: This could totally happen.

The bridal design company, Alfred Angelo, has released a new collection inspired by Disney princesses. It’s called “The Fairy Tale Bridal,” and you can pick from seven dresses that channel the fashion of seven different Disney princesses: Ariel, Cinderella, Elsa, Jasmine, Snow White, and Tiana. Instead of looking like costumes, these dresses subtly emphasize on colors and characteristics of the princesses themselves. Ariel’s dress is mermaid-cut, and the color of a Disney-fied ocean. The dress modeled after Cinderella’s iconic ball gown is bedazzled, soft blue and looks like it’s sprinkled in fairy dust. Perhaps the most surprising dress is Snow White’s. It’s not exactly as pillowy and prim as we remember it to be.

But why are we describing the dresses, when you could just lay your eyes on them yourselves? Here you go…

1. Ariel

 2. Cinderella 

3. Queen Elsa

4. Jasmine 

5. Snow White 

6. Rapunzel

7. Tiana

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