This artist reimagined what Disney Princesses would look like as modern teens and the result is brilliant

Every now and then we are blessed with a beautiful new reimagining of Disney Princesses. Today is one of those days.

Artist Victoria Evans, a color stylist at an animation studio in Ottawa, Ontario, just added this killer line up of her take on the iconic Disney ladies. Their looks have been updated to give the girls a modern flair, and frankly, we are lov-ing-it.

Belle dons a beautiful fur (is it The Beast?!) coat and carries a few comics.

Sleeping Beauty looks like a member of the Mean Girls clique (on a Wednesday).

Mulan rocks the athleisure look, and a killer pair of abs.

Snow White is a tattoo sleeve-wearing hipster babe.

And Tiana looks chic AF in her classic green color.

We don’t know how you feel, but all we can think is that this is PURE MAGIC.


To see more of Victoria’s amazing work be sure to check out her site and Instagram account.

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