There’s a new Disney Princess crossover coming to your TV

Though Disney Junior’s Sofia the First might not be your typical weekend binge, you’re going to want to tune in for a set of upcoming episodes this fall. That’s because there’s going to be a new princess not only hanging out with Sofia, but also making her small-screen animated debut. Who’s the princess in question? Our favorite bow-and-arrow-wielding heroine, Merida from Brave, of course!

Merida is all over television this fall. She’s one of the brand new characters set to make an appereance in this upcoming Season 5 of ABC’s One Upon A Time. And now, on a different Disney channel, Merida is stopping by to help out, too. She’s going to appear in a upcoming four-part  Sofia the First series, where Sofia finds herself with a secret, magical world and she’s just been appointed the storykeeper of it.

Variety reports that Ruth Connell, from Supernatural, is going to voice Merida, and will be joined by Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville who will narrate the four-part “Sofia the First: The Secret Library” episodes.

But maybe you’re still thinking to yourself, “Sofia the First is for kids.” Yes, so go grab some of your younger siblings, or nieces and nephews, or one of your friend’s little tots and CHECK IT OUT. Sofia is voiced by Modern Family’s Ariel Winter, and the little princess finds herself in a whole new world after her mom marries the king and Sofia becomes a real princess (the dream). Sofia’s also got a cool Amulet that not only allows her to talk to animals (also the dream), but can also summon her Disney princess so they can help her out with life’s greatest challenges (most certainly the dream).

So in this upcoming set of episodes, Sofia’s going to find herself needing some assistance, and Merdia’s going to be the one to help her out. The episodes will air on Disney Junior (and Disney Channel) on October 12th. Or you can check it out ahead of time on the WATCH Disney Channel app, if you want to keep your Sofia the First binge a secret.

(Image via Disney Junior)

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