This is what Disney Princess sidekicks would like if they were Pokémon

We’ve spent a lot of time falling in love with Disney Princess reimaginings – all of which are absolutely stunning –  but what about our favorite leading ladies’ faithful pals?

Can’t forget about them!


Well, thanks to talented costume designer and illustrator Wilberth Gonzalez, we now know what Disney Princess sidekicks would look like as… Pokémon!

Heck yeah!


Gonzalez explained to HelloGiggles that he was inspired by the Instagram drawing challenge #mystylechallenge, where artists reinterpret just one character in a variety of styles like Disney, The Simpsons, etc. Gonzalez, however, took the challenge a step further and explained,

"Disney animated films and Pokémon carry a wonderful sense of nostalgia for me. Plus I also figured it would be more of a challenge for myself to be clever in selecting the right Pokémon for each princess."

And Gonzalez’s work turned out absolutely beautiful.

Here’s Jasmine with Abu, Rajah, and Iago looking, respectively, like a Mankey, Arcanine, and Spearow.

Mulan with her faithful Mushu who’s reminiscent of a Dragonair.

Rapunzel hangin’ out with Maximus and Pascal who look like a Rapidash and Squirtle.

Pocahontas with Percy, Meeko, and Redfeather reimagined as a Slowbro, Evee, and Doduo.

Snow White with her faithful Dwarves who’ve been reimagined as a group of Mr. Mime Pokémon.

Aurora with her forrest friends who now look like Butterfree, Farfetch’d, and Oddish Pokémon.

Cinderella with Lucifer, Jaq, Gus, and a bird who now look like Meowth, Rattata, Raticate, and Pidgey, respectively.

Ariel with her own semi-Pokemon transformation, swimming with Sebastian and Flounder who now look like Krabby and Magikarp (Ariel’s tail is inspired by Gyarados).

And finally, Merida, totally transformed into the Pokémon Tangela (by the witch, of course!).

“I thought it would be fun to reinterpret the Disney princesses and their trusted magical friends within the Pokémon world,” said Gonzalez.

And we couldn’t agree more because this is pure magic!

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