Watch one model with Down Syndrome transform into six gorgeous Disney princesses

Madeline Stuart is model, Down Syndrome advocate, and now, she can say that she’s also received some top notch princess treatment.

The 18-year-old Australian made waves last year when she began her aspiring modeling career. Amazingly, it’s not aspiring anymore, because Stuart actually is a model, and walked last year at New York Fashion Week. She’s set to walk again this year, too. As if to prep for all the princess treatment she’s going to receive pre-catwalk in NYC, BuzzFeed magically transformed her into not one, but six different Disney princesses.

With a little bit of hair and makeup help, Stuart is given a few different makeovers, to change her into Rapunzel, Jasmine, Elsa, Mulan, Belle, and Ariel. They’re all amazing, but the Mulan one might be the BEST, because it feels like Stuart is channeling a little bit of Sia, too. And combining a few kickass females together is always a great idea, especially with Stuart representing them all.

You can check out more of Stuart over on her website, and be sure to check out out during the upcoming Fashion Week, where she’s bound to slay on the runway once again.

(Image via YouTube)

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