These Disney directors are open to a princess being LGBTQ and we are all about it

As we anxiously anticipate Moana‘s epic arrival in theaters on November 23, we continue to revel in every little detail we learn about this awesome movie. The film is already creating new possibilities for what Disney princess movies look like.

And, according to an interview with The Huffington Post, Disney could actually feature an LGBTQ princess in a major storyline in the future.

Ron Clements and John Musker are the talented directorial duo behind Moana. Together, they made some major changes to the princess that already differentiate her from her predecessors. They not only changed her storyline to be more empowering, but they also made her body image more relatable to represent the “badass” they say she is.

Musker said, "We made her legs fuller and her hips are fuller to make her capable of these action stunts that we wanted to do, where she can dive off cliffs and those sort of things."

As simple as it may seem, little changes this that can have a profound effect on the future of Disney characters. So The Huffington Post asked them point blank if they thought Disney would be willing make another change, and feature an openly LGBTQ princess.

Clements answered, "It seems like the possibilities are pretty open at this point."

The directors were careful to clarify that they don’t actually have creative control over all Disney’s upcoming movie decisions. But they were optimistic, based on their experience with Moana, that future characters could more accurately reflect the diversity in our own world.

It’s certainly not the first time Disney has had the conversation about featuring LGBTQ characters in their films. It’s great to hear from two people who are already making major, positive changes that they’re hopeful for even more in the future.

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