In case you want Disney Princess hair this holiday season, here’s your IRL tutorial

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Disney Princesses have enviable—and unattainable—animated hair. However, you can achieve wearable, demure, and pretty princess hair with some easy techniques and some sparkly accessories. Here are some easy ideas on how to get grown up, Disney Princess-inspired looks this holiday season!

1. If you have straight or fine hair, curl it with tongs to add more movement and texture.

2. Use a sectioning clip to keep your hair to one side and braid it. You could french braid, or add dutch braids if you like, but the look works just as well with a simple plait.

3. Remove the sectioning clip and secure the braid with a clear hair elastic.

4. Tease the braid and gently pull the intertwined strands with your fingers for a more modern, textured look. This technique helps the braid look thicker, too!

5. Now you can add some icy sparkles! I added sparkly hair spinners that resemble little snowflakes. Twist them gently into your hair and, from an arms length, lightly spray with hair spray.

6. In the pictures, I’m wearing a sparkly ear cuff to add a modern icy look to compliment the “iced” braid. They’re available from stores such as Topshop and Forever 21, and are super easy to put on.

7. Elsa wears pink-purple eyeshadow, so, after applying an eyeshadow primer, sweep a purple/dark-pink eyeshadow across your lid and into the crease. For a wide-eyed Disney look, add liquid or gel eyeliner to your lash line. If you’re confident with liner, add a flick to the outer corner of your eyes to really open them up!

8. For a subtle icy sheen, add a highlighter or illuminator with blue undertones (go for white or silvery shades rather than gold tones). Add the highlighter to your cheek bones, the bridge of your nose, your cupids bow and the inner corners of your eyelids.

1. Curl two-inch sections of your hair, curling away from your face (wrap the strands towards the back of your head). I find that a conical curling wand works best for creating vintage, princess-like waves.

2. Let the ringlets cool, then brush through them gently. You should be left with beautifully soft waves. Use your fingers to style and tease the waves.

3. Now you can add tiara-like sparkles! Jeweled headbands, hair combs, and vintage-looking hair clips can all be styled to look like modern tiaras.

1. Section the top half of your hair into a hair elastic. Belle has a middle parting, but the look works well both with and without.

2. Tease the hair that is sectioned into a hair elastic and create a bun at the crown of your head.

3. Secure with bobby pins and add a ribbon. I chose a yellow-gold ribbon to match Belle’s beautiful ball gown.

4. Curl the remainder of your hair for added Disney-Princess bounce!

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