And now for a Disney princess reimagining that raises real awareness for something

We’ve seen pretty much every kind of Disney princess reimagining there is to see, and we love it all. We’ve seen them as tattooed pin-ups, Halloween horror figures, Renaissance paintings, and even hot dogs. As bizarrely hilarious as it is to see princesses as hot dogs, we’re way more into the latest reimagining that stands up for women everywhere.

In awesome graphics created by BuzzFeed‘s Loryn Brantz, we see our favorite princesses as we’ve never seen them before: breastfeeding in public.

Sadly, even in 2015, there is still a lot of negative stigma attached to breastfeeding in public. Stores like Target have taken a stand for breastfeeding by creating super accepting and inclusive policies encouraging mothers to breastfeed in any area of the store. Unfortunately, there are other stores that have made their stance on breastfeeding quite clear — like Walmart, for example, which refused to print a picture of a woman breastfeeding her child. In some places, it’s even illegal to breastfeed in public, and even when it is legal, many women are shamed and told to cover up or get out. Women have been shamed online and in person for not covering up, for making others uncomfortable, or for being “obscene,” when they’re simply feeding their babies. 

However, great strides have been made to normalize breastfeeding by bringing it into the public eye (take Nicole Trunfio, for example, who appeared on the cover of Elle in May while breastfeeding her baby). After all, our breasts have a serious function that doesn’t have to do with being sexualized, and campaigns like #FreeTheNipple are fighting to take a stand against the double standard that keeps mothers from safely being able to provide nutrition for their children.

That’s exactly why we love BuzzFeed’s new reimagining of the Disney Princesses. Sure, the princesses are fictional characters, but they’re incredibly pervasive in our pop culture. The images serve as a wider statement that breastfeeding in public isn’t something women should be ashamed of, nor should it have to do be done behind closed doors or underneath a blanket. Breastfeeding should be celebrated as a beautiful and wonderful occurrence in nature — and that celebration should come in the form of basic respect.

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