If you’ve ever loved a Disney Princess, this ad is going to make you seriously misty

Disney just released a short video called, “Dream Big, Princess – Dream it, Be It.” And it will have you grabbing for the tissues. It’s inspiring and oh-so encouraging. The video features clips of young girls doing extraordinary things mixed in with clips of princesses performing similarly brave actions.

For every unimaginable feat a Disney Princess does in a movie, there’s an equally awesome act a real girl does in her everyday life.

It’s magical to watch. But, it’s not just entertaining. It also takes time to remind us of the very powerful message that, “For every girl who dreams big, there’s a Princess to show her it’s possible.”


Disney released a very similar video around this time last year. And both videos are packed with totally motivating (and really moving) moments throughout.

The video’s music is a remix of The Script’s “Hall of Fame,” which contains the perfect motivating lyrics. And the music mixed with the images is it is giving us all kinds of goals right now. Along side some of our favorite Disney Princesses, we see young girls killing it at sports, learning to read, dancing, and making beautiful art.

Ariel, Belle, Mulan, Cinderella, and all the Disney ladies are interspersed throughout.

It’s meant to encourage little girls to dream as big as the Princesses they see in the movies. And it totally does. It also makes all of us big girls seriously misty.

Right now, some young girls might feel scared or unsure about what their world is. This video can go a long way to offer some much needed reassurance about their worth and potential. Using these very familiar Disney Princesses is a great way to reach them. And this message helps remind them that they are able to do whatever they want.

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