Disney princess accessories we actually really want to wear

Disney princesses were all your style goals as a kid. And let’s face it, as an adult, you’re still slightly obsessed with Disney’s coolest royals. (Nothing wrong with that!) While these ladies’ outfits and hairstyles have always been 100, it’s really the accessories that made their looks so very magical. And you’re still wishing you could wear all of the following…

1. Jasmine’s three-piece getup. Those oversized earrings are pure statement pieces, and when paired with that matching necklace and a colorful headpiece, the result is beyond classy.

2. Belle’s gold bun holder. What even IS that? Where do you get one? Can I have it?

3. Tiana’s tiara and gem necklace. She’s going for the “minimal princess” aesthetic and totally nailing it.

4. Ariel’s flowy flower. But the best part was how it just magically stayed in her hair.

5. Cinderella’s sparkly headband and choker. That classic black choker is still inspiring us to run to the fabric store.

6. Snow White’s red headband. It’s actually very Blair Waldorf when you think about it.

7. Anna’s necklace. Every lady should have a piece like this — something simple with sentimental value.

8. Tiana’s hat. This is just the picture of vintage perfection.

9. Sleeping Beauty’s gold crown and necklace. So, wearing a crown out to the club on Saturday night might be making a rather large statement, that necklace would look boss with an LBD.

10. Mulan’s lotus comb. Official plea to bring back the hair comb accessory!

11. All the bows ever worn by Disney princesses. It’s such a staple of the look.

12. Rapunzel’s floral adornments. Would wear to Coachella, no doubt.

13. Cinderella’s pearls and headband. The pink-green color combo here is key.

14. Ariel’s drop earrings and barrette. These outfit additions are delightfully simple and ladylike.

15. Pocahontas’s turquoise pendant necklace. Such a flattering shape.

16. Elsa’s snowflake hair tie. Did you ever notice this? It’s beyond perfect.

17. Tiana’s wedding day accessories. Those. Pears. How are they floating? Magic.

18. Rapunzel’s crown. It’s probably the most detailed out of all the princess’ royal jewels. And boy is it pretty.

19. And finally, Cinderella’s glass slippers. Obviously. Doesn’t anyone make these yet?

(Images via Disney / Disneyscreencaps.com)

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