Is it weird that we’re crushing on Disney prince illustrations?

Artist Jirka Väätäinen has just made a majority of our dreams come true with his latest illustration work. The graphic designer/illustrator has brought some of our favorite Disney princes to life in super-realistic images. Like, so realistic, you’d think that these were photograph of very attractive gentlemen. But no, according to Väätäinen’s website, they’re a combination of digital compositing, photomanipulation, and digital painting. We are obsessed. Do you want to go to a place where these princes exist IRL? Let’s go to there together.

Väätäinen gave the same treatment to some Disney princesses a while back, and those images are also outstanding. But for some reason, these princes . . . oh boy. Just take a look at them for yourself, OK? Instead of being flat and two-dimensional, the guys have so much incredible depth. They also have those piercing eyes that just scream, “happily ever after.”

Before we get to the images, here’s just a quick reminder of what these princes have always looked like to us. Dreamy but 2D, fake, cartoonish.

Well, no longer.

First up, Prince Charming, who will dance with you way past midnight.

How about Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty? He’d slay a million fire-breathing dragons for your safety.

Now Prince Eric, who is deeply channeling some ’90s John Stamos hair.

Then Aladdin. There’s no need for him masquerade as a prince.

Can’t forget about Hercules, who will travel to the ends of the Earth — including the Underworld — to make sure you’re OK.

And lastly, Tarzan, who is without a doubt king of the jungle.

You can check out more of Väätäinen’s incredible work here, and here’s to hoping he adds a few other princes. Like, Flynn, Naveen, and heck, we’d even be fine with Gaston.

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[Images used with artist’s permission, via Jirka Väätäinen]

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