Wait, do Disney Pixar’s female characters all look alike?

Get ready to have your mind melted. Buzzfeed alerted us to a new theory that surfaced on Tumblr, when blogger Something Classy spotted a pattern in Disney Pixar’s female characters: They all have the same faces. You might be shaking your head and pointing to the upcoming movie Inside Out, as an example of how diverse all the female characters look.

Not so fast. Take a closer look at the shapes of their faces. Something Classy did an animation investigation into all of Disney Pixar’s characters and discovered female face shapes are all pretty much the same, while male face shapes differ widely.

First, this intrepid detective pulled together a wide range of Disney cartoons, including males and females.

Then, this clued-in detective traced the basic outline of each character’s face. Here’s what female facial traits boil down to:

Now compare that with facial tracings of male Disney Pixar characters:

While the male characters had a widely diverse range of facial shapes and characteristics, the female characters all wound up having the same basic structure — rounded cheeks and a small nose. Every. Single. One.

As Something Classy puts it, “Apparently every Disney woman is a clone/direct descendant of some primordial creature with huge round cheeks and a disturbingly small nose.”

Suspicions of this kind were raised after Frozen became a cultural phenomenon and observant viewers noticed that Elsa and Anna bore an uncanny resemblance to Rapunzel.

And, if you remember back in 2013, a Disney animation exec explained that women are harder to animate than men because “they have to go through these range of emotions, but . . . you have to keep them pretty.” Yeah, that didn’t fly so well with fans at the time.

To be fair, Disney has definitely made strides in recent years by representing more female characters who break the mold in terms of diversity and personality. They recently introduced the first Latina Disney Princess, and we’re all psyched about the next Elsa, a Polynesian princess in the upcoming film Moana, Meanwhile, Inside Out appears to be packed with some serious girl power. But that’s not to discredit these new observations coming from Tumblr. Despite all the cool Disney updates, we would love to see more female characters drawn to reflect how wide-ranging and beautiful all female faces really are.

(Images via Something Classy, Disney Pixar)