Disney just released an 8-second teaser for the next “Pirates” movie, and it will be the best 8-seconds of your day

As we all sit on the edge of our pirate ships and eagerly await the next installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Disney has gotten the fandom all excited by tweeting a new 8-second teaser on the official Pirates of the Caribbean Twitter account — which hasn’t been used since 2012.


First of all, watch it below. And then watch it again. And then watch it a third time because it’s only 8 seconds, so why not?

8 seconds of that music alone is enough to get us pumped for the next potential Jack Sparrow sighting. And it turns out a few other people are getting excited too.


What can we learn from this teaser and cryptic tweet? Other than there will clearly be pirates and fire involved, not much. Not even who will actually be in the film. But we’re guessing that dropping this teaser is just the prelude to a new full-length trailer for the film. At least, we’re hoping that’s what it means.

The next film isn’t out until later this year — in four months as the tweet mentions. The first teaser trailer was released way back in October 2016 and us pirates are ready to set sail again. The anticipation for a full trailer is killing us over here!

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Hopefully, we’ll get some new footage from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales soon. Until then, you’ll just have to watch the intense 8-second teaser over and over again. And of course, here’s that 109-second teaser trailer.


The fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film hits theaters May 26, 2017. Mark it on the calendar.

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