Disney wants to make attractions that *respond* to your emotions, and yes, we have feelings about this

Imagine being bored on a ride at Disneyland (but omg, you would never) and suddenly having it accelerate more to throw you for a loop. Or, finding yourself a little too scared on a dark ride, so the lighting around you increases a little bit. It sounds like something straight out of Inside Out, and soon, it might actually be the future of Disney attractions. The happiest place on Earth has just filed a patent for ride technology that *responds* to your facial expressions and what the WHAT?

The patent, “Sensing and Managing Vehicle Behavior Based on Occupant Awareness,” is exactly what it sounds like:

Sensors in and around the ride vehicle would pick up on your facial cues, and then depending on what they are — whether happy, scared, sad, bored, tired, etc. — respond accordingly to them with altered ride movements.

Going off of these cues, the rides could then do stuff like, accelerate, slow down, spin more, spin less, or change the scenery/ambiance around you depending on how you’re feeling. AND, if you’re feeling motion sick? The ride will take care of that, too, and try to get your tummy back on track to being a-ok.


“The technology would allow rides to adjust show content appropriate for pre-teens, teenagers or adults; or for thrill-seeking and non thrill-seeking passengers,” the patent description reads. “The control system may also operate the vehicle to address motion sickness issues for passengers such as by adjusting speed or movement patterns of a vehicle.”

It also sounds like before boarding, riders could indicate whether they want a smooth ride, or an intense one, so they know exactly what they’re stepping in to before hand. Choose your own adventure, literally.

Right now, it’s unclear exactly what kind of ride would come from this technology (like, a rollercoaster, dark ride, boat ride, tram ride, walk-through, and the list of Disney attractions goes on) but those are all things Disney can work out later. We’re excited to see what comes out of this new idea, and exactly how we’ll ~feel~ about it.

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