Disney invented a one-legged robot that hops and it’s about to become everyone’s new BFF

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you need something in your life until a genius comes along and invents it. To that point, Disney created a one-legged robot that hops and it’s destined to become everyone’s new BFF. We love that Disney has thrown us a huge curve ball that we’re so down to catch. Seriously, who knew they had time to create this kick-ass robot buddy? After all, they’re putting in some major work to give all of these Disney movies the live-action treatment, but it’s good to see they carved out a moment to toy around with tech.

OK, so here’s what makes this new hopping robot so special. As the Disney Research Hub video explains, the robot is innovative in that it can “jump and maintain balance without being leashed to an external power source.”



Using Linear Elastic Actuator in Parallel, or LEAP mechanism, the robot houses batteries, inertial sensors and a microcomputer. The leg can swing forward and backward and from side to side with motors that act as its “hip joints.” Collectively, these components allow it maintain its balance in place for roughly 7 seconds or 19 hops.


We’re not exactly sure what we did to make Disney love us so, but clearly our loyal fangirling has paid off in the best of ways. First, they announced that the entire Disney library was coming to Netflix and now this adorable, innovative robot? No word on if or when Hopping Robot will be available for sale, but ugh, we are so not worthy.

However, do we fully take our introduction to this robot as Disney’s outpouring of generosity for our continued support?


Why, OF COURSE WE DO — with wide open arms and tears of gratitude. Now, c’mon and hit us with a price point Disney so we can buy ALL of the hopping robots.