Disney movies with feminist title changes are hilariously perfect

Over the past few months, you’ve probably seen one (or a zillion) reimagined Disney princesses. But how many reimagined Disney princess movies have you seen? Probably not a whole lot. It’s about time that changed, and instead of just giving the princesses a different hairdo or some new makeup, the folks over at BuzzFeed have completely rethought the entire movie — and that includes a hilarious feminist title, too.

Because it’s about darn time these movies got a feminist makeover. To their credit, a lot of Disney princess movies are already pretty feminist as it is — just look at Mulan savin’ all of China. What BuzzFeed has done is retitle the movies a little bit more accurately. It’s almost like the new title is the leading lady’s internal monologue. Like, what is Ariel really thinking about when she loses her voice and still has to figure out a way to help save the day?

We’ve got Cinderella, now appropriately titled, ” Stop Chasing Me, You Creep.” Which is fitting, since she does run away from the prince, and then he goes to really extreme lengths to find her again.

Tiana now to deal with the cold, hard truth that she’s got to kiss a frog. And maybe part of her did just wanted to be like “ummm, pass.”

And Princess Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty, put her phone on silent and STILL, look what happened.

If you want to check out all the reimagined movie titles, including Aladdin and The Lion King, head over to BuzzFeed where they’ve got the whole hilarious collection.

(Images via BuzzFeed and Disney.)

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