You can now watch ALL the Disney movies on Amazon and XBox

Netflix delivers heaps of joy in the form of streaming series (hello, Friends) and random, wonderful movies we totally forgot about.  But there’s one thing Netflix doesn’t have, and that’s all the Disney movies. Oh to be able to stream the Disney catalog at a moment’s notice. Good news: We totally can, just not on Netflix.

Starting Tuesday — as in TODAY — you can now access about 450 Disney movies through Amazon Video and Microsoft Movies & TV. That means, the app you’ve got loaded into your TV to watch Amazon Prime can now bring you Disney movies, and the XBox you use to play video games can now get you Disney movies, too.

The great thing about saying “Disney movies” is that it doesn’t just include a whole lot of animated classics. Pixar movies are Disney movies. Marvel movies are Disney movies. And, even Star Wars fits into the category of Disney movies, and they can all be accessed on the Disney Movies Anywhere app, which is true to its name.

You do just have to have an account set it up in one location, whether it be through Amazon Instant Video or XBox. But then, as soon as you link your accounts between devices, you really can take the movies you’ve purchased anywhere with you. Watch on the TV, watch on your Kindle Fire, watch on your phone. Watch EVERYWHERE.

So get on setting this up, because a BIG movie just landed on digital today. Wherever you are, and whatever device you’re using, you can now watch Avengers: Age of Ultron all thanks to the magic of streaming.

(Image via Disney)


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