Forget 2018 — Disney has *11* movies coming out in 2019

It’s no secret that Disney has been killing the movie game lately. Since acquiring Marvel in 2009 and LucasFilm in 2012, the House of Mouse has been home to so many of the biggest films in the world, including franchise giants The Avengers: Civil War and Star Wars: The Force Awakens — and let’s not forget the top-grossing movie of the year so far, Beauty and the Beast. Just think about what will happen when Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in 84 days.

With 2018 films like A Wrinkle in Time, Black Panther, and Mary Poppins Returns dropping trailers recently, we thought 2018 was going to be the best year for Disney — until we saw the 2019 line-up. Sure, it’s very far away, but there’s no harm in starting the countdown right about…now.

We may have thought 2019 was the year of Game of Thrones,but Disney is releasing a whopping 11 films in 2019, and we’ve got to start saving up for popcorn.

So pull out your iCalendar, or your actual wall calendar, and start dreaming of what 2019 has to offer. We’re just going to call it now: 2019 will be *the best* year for Disney movies. Take a look:

1. Captain Marvelstarring Brie Larson, will be the first stand-alone lady-powered movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe  — March 8th

2. DumboTim Burton’s live-action take on the beloved Disney classic — March 29th

3. Untitled Disneytoon Movie, don’t know what this is yet, but yes, will definitely see it — April 12th

4. Untitled Avengersalso the movie formerly known as Avengers: Infinity War, Part 2 — May 3rd

5. AladdinDisney’s second live-action remake of the year has Will Smith stepping into the role of Genie — May 24th

6. Toy Story 4, might be a good idea to start getting the tissues ready now  — June 21st

7. The Lion King, Disney’s *third* live-action remake has two-time Emmy winner and Lando Calrissian, Donald Glover, voicing Simba — July 19th

8. Artemis Fowlthe adaptation of the young adult books has been in the works since the early 2000s, so it’s about time it came to theaters — August 9th

9. Nicole, if you’ve ever wanted a Christmas movie starring Anna Kendrick, then this is the movie for you — November 11th

10. Frozen 2, we don’t even know what this movie is going to be about, but we already know we don’t want to…let it go — November 27th

11. Star Wars: Episode IXis it too soon to start camping out now? Asking for a friend — December 20th

There’s always the chance that some of these movies could move release dates (ahem, Episode IX just recently switched days). For now, these dates are locked in, and may the force be with you as you embark on this cinematic adventure.

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