13 moments Disney tragically cut out of the live-action “Beauty and the Beast”

There’s a high chance you saw Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast this weekend. I know this, because the the movie made upwards of $170 million (and counting) over the last three days.

I saw the movie, too, and don’t get me wrong, it was entertaining. I enjoyed it! However, being the life-long Disneyphile that I am, I couldn’t help but notice that Disney decided against including some very important scenes from the original. Someone’s going to need to reboot this reboot to include them in, because yes, I took detailed notes of everything Disney left on the cutting room floor. I’m really going to need the following 13 in a live-action Beauty and the Beast, please and thank you.

1. That bookstore ladder roll.


Try and tell me that you haven’t gone into a bookstore (or a library) before, climbed up on a ladder, and subsequently risked your life trying to recreate this sliding-ladder scene. This moment is literally a defining moment of my childhood.



After the first snippet of “Belle” was released, I began to grow worried that this Iconic Book-Eating Sheep would be cut from the live-action movie. After seeing the live-action movie, I clearly had reason to worry, since Iconic Book-Eating Sheep is MIA. That is too baaaaaaaaaaad. Sorry.

3. Belle and her dandelions.


How are you supposed to sing about the great, wide somewhere if you DON’T HAVE FLOWERS TO THROW INTO THE WIND?

4. The line from “Be Our Guest” ?ten years we’ve been rusting?


Okay, so, once upon a time, the OG animated Beauty and the Beast follows this timeline: The Beast has to break his curse by his 21st birthday — or else. And then during “Be Our Guest,” Lumière sings “ten years we’ve been rusting.” Putting two and two together, it sure looks like the enchantress cursed Beast at age 11. Obviously, at age 11, you are a bratty kid, and your parents told you not to talk to strange woman in the middle of the night, so OBVIOUSLY  you are going to turn away any strange woman who shows up at your castle door. Makes sense that this line was changed to, “too long we’ve been rusting,” to clear up the timeline. I still missed it.

5. Belle pulling the glass off of the enchanted rose.


The live-action movie gives us a super anticlimactic moment where Belle just sort of…stares at it. Boring.

6. Cogsworth listing off the things Beast can do to impress Belle


Try and deny it, but with his ? quips (“If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it”) Cogsworth is the real star of the movie. That is why it is such a shame Cogsworth never gets to list off these three very important things you can do for your lady. I literally quote this line once a week.

7. Belle’s green dress.


Blue is not my color. Yellow makes me looked washed out. But GREEN? Gimme that green dress that Belle wears, because that is #DressGoals. Except, all the live-action movie gives me is like, a white dress with a floral pattern. The green dress is gone, and I am horribly upset. I really needed to see Emma Watson rock a green frock.

8. Beast giving Belle the library.


Not to be super critical of the the live-action Beauty and the Beast, but, the story doesn’t spend too much time really showing us Belle and the Beast becoming friends…and falling in love. It just sort of ~happens~ and we accept it. Meanwhile, in the animated movie, Beast decides he wants to do something nice for Belle, and gives her the library. Dan Stevens is just sorta like, “Well, it’s here and I’m not using it so I guess you can have it…?”

9. When the birds land on Beast, lol.


It’s so funny, and it’s just GONE. This scene also really shows how Beast has softened.



Maybe you’ve forgotten, but it’s actually Chip who frees Belle and Maurice from the basement (Gaston has locked them up there, remember??). The live-action movie greatly cuts down on Chips’ role in the movie. Why? IDK. Maybe Disney will tell us when we’re older.

11. Mme. Wardrobe basically killing a man.


She still jumps, and falls, on top of someone, but it’s not as ~dramatic~.



There’s actually a ~lost~ song in Beauty and the Beast, “Human Again.” It was originally written for the 1991 movie, but then cut. It was inserted into the Broadway musical, and also on future DVDs of the movie. TBH, I just assumed “Human Again” would pop up in Beauty and the Beast, but, no. Oddly enough, though, Belle and Beast discuss Romeo and Juliet during “Human Again,” the same Shakespearian play they bond over in the new version. The more you know! ?

13. The stained glass.


No stained glass for you, live-action Beauty and the Beast.

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