Disney is releasing sparkly *millennial pink* Minnie ears, and this is what it means to feel ALIVE

While rose gold forever remains in our hearts, we’re now in the era of millennial pink and we seriously can’t get enough. From Kit Kats to Starbucks lattes, everyone is getting in on the millennial pink trend — including Disney Parks. Back in January, Disney released millennial pink Magic Bands, which immediately became a must-have.

But now, Disney is going full rose gold with the new it-color, launching a slew of other products in the gorgeous, spring-forward millennial pink. Ladies, gentlemen, and Minnie Mouse enthusiasts everywhere, listen up because Disney Parks is releasing sparkly millennial pinkMinnie ears.

For those already in possession of the iconic rose gold Minnie ears and the enchanting black lace Minnie ears, the millennial pink ears are a must-have to complete the incredible trifecta. The sequined works of art will be available in select Disney Parks stores beginning in April. But you’re going to want to sprint — not walk or even casually jog — to your nearest store because there’s no way these won’t immediately sell out.

But since Disney Parks are always bringing their A-game, they’re not just selling millennial pink Minnie ears. Also coming in next month are sparkly millennial pink spirit jerseys, so you can show your love for the parks in the hottest color of the year.

These ears are the perfect accessory for a tour through Cinderella’s Castle or a visit to the Mad Tea Party.

While Disney seems to be testing the waters with new millennial pink merchandise, we’re hoping it’s only the beginning – and we’re keeping our fingers crossed they expand into food next. Because we’d do anything for a millennial pink churro. Wouldn’t you?

Beginning in April, whenever you find yourself at a Disney Park, keep your eyes peeled for the millennial pink ears because you’re not going to want to miss out on them.