Disney parks have all-new millennial pink and rose gold treats to satisfy your sweet tooth *and* your Instagram followers

There is absolutely no denying that ~all pink everything~ is here to stay. Of course, the color has been around since the beginning of time. But in the past year or two, millennial pink and rose gold have really been everywhere. You see the colors in iPhones, computers, clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, hair color — you name it. The soft blush-ish colors are absolutely gorgeous and easy to dress up or down. We haven’t gotten sick of pink yet, and apparently, neither has Disney.

Recently, Disney parks have exploded with millennial pink and rose gold goodies. For starters, Disney now sells rose gold Minnie Mouse cupcakes. (Hello, yes please.) Disneyland’s world-famous churros now come in rose gold. (Don’t worry, they sell the original color as well.) And if you’re not into pink food, Disney also has your back with fashion. Millennial pink Minnie Mouse ears (plus rose gold ones) are a sparkly and adorable addition to your best Disney outfit. And don’t forget to match your millennial pink or rose gold spirit jersey to your ears. But wait, there’s more!

Disney just released some all-new millennial pink and rose gold treats. Get your stomach — and Instagram — ready for them.

Is food supposed to be this darn adorable? Of course it is! Who wouldn’t want to chow down on an adorable pink Rice Krispie cake pop?

We have heart eyes for this rose gold Minnie Mouse macaron.

It’s filled with lemon buttercream and strawberry compote, which is the springiest flavor blend we can imagine.

Thirsty? Opt for the Millennial Pink Celebration Toast.

It’s a pink blend of cuvee (a.k.a. champagne) topped with a pink chocolate pair of Minnie ears. You know, in case you need a little liquid to help you wash down your rose gold.


If you still can’t get enough pink, we suggest the Strawberry Churro.

We’d like about ten right now, please.

Ice cream is a big time thing in the land of Disney.

And it’s definitely invited to the pink celebration.

What is a Strawberry Rose Twist? We’re more than willing to find out.

Gaston is for sure into it.

Disney is famous for their beignets, but how do you feel about a Watermelon Lime and Chili-flavored beignet?

We think yes.

Or, if you’d like to stay on theme and only eat character-inspired food, Disney has you covered there too. The Cheshire Cat Cake Pop is pink, of course, but also represents one of the most cunning characters we all know and love.

BRB, booking our next trip to Disney just for the Instagram aesthetic.

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