Disney is releasing millennial pink and rose gold spirit jerseys, and prepare to get your sparkle on

All of our magical dreams are coming true. Soon, you’ll be able to buy millennial pink and rose gold Disney spirit jerseys at Disneyland. Quick poll: Are we more excited about Anastasia potentially becoming a Disney Princess, or these new rose gold Disney spirit jerseys? Both. Definitely both. Finally, we can have rose gold Disney spirit jerseys to match our rose gold Minnie Mouse ears!

Disney Style gave the world a sneak peek at the new shirts on Instagram, and they look adorable. The tops will be sold at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World beginning sometime this month. Pick your poison, y’all: Are you raving over rose gold, or mad for millennial pink? TBH, we’re feeling both colors. Spirit jerseys are a Disney parks staple, and these styles seriously speak to us.

Just picture it: You’re getting ready to spend an exciting day at Disneyland. You pull on your rose gold spirit jersey, don your rose gold Minnie Mouse ears, and look picture perfect. Don’t forget to grab your rose gold Minnie Mouse lip balm. And ta-da: You’re a vision in rose gold just waiting to be Instagrammed.

Here are the rose gold Disney spirit jerseys. We’re seriously obsessed!

And here’s the gorgeous millennial pink one.

Is there anything a millennial loves more than Disney and the color pink? (Yes, probably lots of things. But we REALLY love these spirit jerseys.) If you can’t wait to get your hands on one, fear not. The millennial pink and rose gold Disney spirit jerseys will also be available on Shop Disney Parks, the official website where you can buy all the stuff you regretted putting back on the shelf during your last visit.

Minnie Mouse would be so proud.

We already can’t wait to see everyone matching their ears to their spirit jerseys.

Millennial pink and rose gold forever and ever, amen.

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