Disney’s live-action Mulan trailer shows major differences from the animated version

We’ve been blessed with several live-action Disney remakes in the past few years. From a feminist Beauty and the Beast to a shot-for-shot remake of The Lion King, a Tim Burton-ized Dumbo to a Will Smith-led Aladdin, the nostalgia is hitting hard. On July 7th, Walt Disney Studios released the first trailer for Mulan, due in theaters on March 27th, 2020. But some fans are wrinkling their noses at the teaser for the upcoming live-action remake because of changes from the animated movie. Others, however, are excited about a more “grown-up,” historically accurate movie.

Judging by the trailer, 2020’s Mulan will not feature the cast singing songs from the animated version, nor will it include Mushu as a CGI dragon sidekick—as far as we’ve seen, anyway.

The film will seemingly follow more closely the Chinese folk story the “Ballad of Mulan,” about the Chinese warrior Hua Mulan, who may have lived between 420 and 589 CE, if she was not just legend. As depicted in the original 1998 animated Disney film, Hua Mulan took the place of her father and brother in the Chinese army.

After some called the original animated film offensive to Chinese culture, Disney is seemingly hoping to finally do justice to the story of Hua Mulan, who will be played by Liu Yifei, with a historically accurate retelling.

But this isn’t sitting well with nostalgic fans of the classic.



Some really hate the idea of a Mulan without a Mushu.


And people are worried there will not be a Shang—at least, the teaser trailer isn’t showing any Shang signs.

On the other side, many people are justifiably happy about the new version, noting that just because Disney is making a different adaptation of Mulan doesn’t mean they’re destroying the original. We will still have our Eddie Murphy Mushu character in the original and the historical epic of Hua Mulan in the same universe. Some fans also note they’re happy Disney is leaving out some more “Americanized” aspects of the animated movie in favor of telling Hua Mulan’s story.


We should stan, and we will stan.

Actually, we should not only stan, but we should be utterly excited to see how Disney tackles the OG ancient source material.

So, yes. The upcoming Mulan remake may be a far cry from the song-and-dance animated movie from the late ’90s. But we’re ready to see something new, refreshing, and historically accurate from a Disney remake.

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