Disney just released the stunning (and sometimes surprising) concept art for lots of our favorite characters

It’s awesome when Disney lets us look inside its great animation vault. Honestly, I kind of assume their animation vault looks just like Belle’s library, full of stacks and stacks of book and pages full of beautiful pictures. Though that image probably doesn’t exist IRL, Disney has at least let us peek inside for a bit, and just released some never-before-seen concept art for some of our favorite characters.

Before a pen is ever put to paper, or computer wizardry happens for CGI, someone’s gotta draw up mock-ups for what the final character should look like. Usually, animated characters go through hundreds, if not thousands, of these drawings before a final character is decided upon. Sometimes it’s as simple as a color change change from a blue dress to a green dress, and sometimes it’s a complete overhaul of the character. While some of these characters look a lot like their final counterpart, some look completely different.

OhMyDisney got their hands on some of these images, and you’ve got to check them out.

The characters from Aladdin mostly stayed the same from initial conception to final project. Abu’s always a lovable looking monkey, Princess Jasmine’s always got Raja with her (and always has the amazing hair), and it doesn’t look like Aladdin’s ever worn a shirt.

The characters from Beauty and the Beast, on the other hand, look completely different. Originally, The Beast was 100% more overdressed, and 100% more terrifying. Belle’s signature ballgown also changed from blue to yellow.

Also, Cogsworth, because he’s just the best, OK?

Ariel and Eric were also completely overhauled. Ariel’s got red hair and Eric’s got jet black hair, but that’s where the similarities end. Eric kinda looks like a really early drawing of Flynn Rider, right? That’s not just me, right?

Meanwhile, Flounder became yellow, instead of pinkish-purple.

Check out this Ursula. I would not want to meet her under the sea at all.

How about Elsa? She doesn’t look too different from the end version, and I’d totally watch a whole movie with her in this modernist style, that’s kinda reminiscent of Mary Blair, an artist for Disney back in the 50s.

Lastly, two characters who might have just been lifted right out of their movie as-is. This Rapunzel picture is so pretty, I think it deserves to be framed.

What do you think? Shocked by any of these character transformations, or wished they had stayed the same as their original idea?

(Images via here.)

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