Disney just aired their first animated same-sex kiss, and this is why it’s important

Even though it often feels like we’re sliding backward as far as social progressivism goes, there are still so many moments that prove that we’re still growing. For one, Disney just aired their first same-sex kiss, which is a big deal for so many reasons. Even better, the kiss wasn’t a plotline or a surprise — it simply just happened.

The scene took place on Disney XD’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil, which is a comedy adventure show that focuses on the adventures of princess Star Butterfly. The show began airing in 2015, and has a pretty impressive fan base.

During a recent season 2 episode called “Just Friends,” the show made history. While at a concert, the characters are inundated with feelings of love and passion after hearing a particularly romantic song.

Familiar with ’90s pop bands? Then you’ll probably understand the rush of emotion. Watch the full scene and see how it all goes down.


About a minute and a half in, you’ll be able to see the audience attendees lock lips. And as originally spotted by Mashable, two of them are both male.


As the scene pans out, and Star flees after realizing she’s the only one without a mate (which — we’ve been there) we see a bunch of other couples, including two sets of females.


It’s definitely a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene which is even better — since it promotes the fact that same-sex couples aren’t anything to stop and gawk at. They have the right to express their feelings alongside everyone else.

Our hearts are definitely full right now.

Even though we’ve come so far, it’s still rare to include an LGBTQ-friendly message in a show geared for children. And it’s even rarer for it to not be an obvious plotline (or worse, a joke.) We’ve gained so much more appreciation for Star vs. the Forces of Evil  for making sure to include everyone.

While this is the first animated kiss, it’s not the first time that Disney showed its acceptance towards the LGBTQ community. Two other shows have included same-sex partnership — Gravity Falls and Good Luck Charlie, the latter which introduced same-sex parents back in 2014.

We can’t wait to see the strides that Disney makes in the future!

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