Disney might start taking pictures of your feet when you visit the parks. For real.

If you’ve visited a Disney park recently, you know that they’ve started rolling out some pretty nifty new technology to make your day at the Magic Kingdom even more magical — Magic Bands, anyone?


But since Disney needs you to have THE MOST MAGICAL day ever, they’re working towards creating some brand new technology to not only caters to your ever park need, but also completely immerse you in their fantasy world. How are they going to do this? Why, it’s so easy: They’re going to take pictures of your feet.

Yes, your feet.

According to Forbes, Disney has just patterned technology for a machine that “takes photos of visitors’ feet as they enter a theme park and pairs these photos with demographic information given voluntarily by the visitor such as name, age or city. Later another camera aimed at shoe level can track the same visitor at a ride or an eatery.

Um. Whaaaat?

If Disney can track your feet, then the next time you’re about to get on Thunder Mountain Railroad, the greeter there might just say, “HEY [your name] WELCOME TO THE WILDEST RIDE IN THE WILDERNESS!” And that’s pretty cool.

Oh, also, don’t freak out whatsoever about taking your shoes off at Disney; the technology is just going to take impressions of the soles of your shoes and the height of your shoes. You’ll just have to go to one of the designated “acquisition stations” (i.e., the park entrance ticket window) to get this magic started. Disney will do the rest.

Some of this technology already exists with Disney World’s Magic Bands, but you can ONLY get a Magic Band if you’re staying in a Disney resort. This newfangled thing will work great for guests staying off-property, or day guests only coming in for the afternoon parade. This is all in an effort for your day to be bursting with pixie dust and tailored directly to you.

Now if Disney would only patten something that delivers you Dole Whips in line for Space Mountain.

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