Disney might be making interactive robots, and it sure looks like this cuddly character could be the first

The happiest place on Earth just took a major robotic turn. The folks over at Disney filed a new patent to add interactive, controller-operated robots to their list of future inventions. And it shows just how futuristic they’re planning to make their amusement parks.

The magical new patent application is reportedly for “a robot that will move and physically interact like an animated character,” but that is “adapted for soft contact and/or interaction with a human.” Sounds a little Westworld-ish to us, but we’re totally on board with this idea.

We all know that Disney puts the safety of children at the top of their list, so we can expect for the creation to be super kid friendly. Which leads us to our next question: Who, exactly, is Disney trying to recreate in robotic form? Well, according to Gizmodo, it looks like Disney’s new bot could possibly be Baymax from Big Hero 6.

And the initial renderings filed with Disney’s patent application totally resemble the cuddly superhero.

We’d totally love to have plenty of these robots roaming around.


The inside looks like this.


But, don’t get too excited just yet. Filing a patent doesn’t necessarily mean that Disney will be rolling out their newest creation anytime soon. Or even that they’ll actually create it at all. By filing a patent, Disney is basically calling “dibs” on the invention idea before anyone else does. This way, they can sit on the idea, perfect it, and then develop it on their own time.

However, since we’re crazy optimistic over here, we’re going to hold out hope that Disney brings this to life sooner than later. Because, after all, they do have a reputation for bringing our wildest dreams to life. And designing an interactive robot? Yeah, that’s just child’s play to them.

We can’t wait to see what they have in store!

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