9 Instagram accounts all Disney fans should follow

Instagram was invented so we could scroll through pretty pictures all day long. And that’s exactly what we do. We scroll through photos of our friends, cute dogs, celebs we love, and if you’re as big a Disney fan as I am you should definitely be scrolling through Disney pix too.

Disney, Disney World, and Disneyland all have their own separate accounts, which are all pretty top-notch in the way of Disney things. Want to see pictures of movies? How about pictures of rides in sunny Florida? The Paint the Night Parade? These three accounts have you covered. But there are so many other amazing accounts you should be following too, if you (like me) breathe in Disney and breathe out pixie dust. Here are just a few of the best.

Disney Cruise Line

Also a Disney owned and run blog, but you probably don’t spend your time looking at pictures of cruise ships. You should, especially when they’re Disney Cruise ships, and you get a peak into their private island in the Caribbean, Castaway Key.

WDW Best Day Ever

Just like how Rapunzel once had the best day ever, you can, too, by following this account. Full of really cute and super fun Disney images, they highlight everything from the parks, to the Disney Channel, and forgottenthrowbacks.


Why aren’t you following OhMyDisney yet? This account is also run by Disney, which means they get first-hand access to many awesome Disney things, like toys, movie premieres, and the Disney convention, D23. They also love a good meme.

Walt At Disneyland

Are you big into throwback picture of Walt Disney hanging around at Disneyland? Then this is the account for you. Posting at least once a day, they run little-seen images of the man behind it all in his home park.

Disneyland Celeb Sightings

When you go to Disneyland, you also want to know what celebrities are there, right? Disneyland Celeb Sightings takes care of that for you, and posts anytime they get word that one of your faves is in the park.

Disney Food Blog

While some go to Disney for the rides and princesses, it’s perfectly ok to also go to Disney for the food. Disney food is great. Here’s an IG account just full of beautiful pictures of Disney food you can consume during your next visit.

Disney Bound

Are you looking to dress up as your favorite character but don’t want to commit to a full costume? Check out Disney Bound, which gives you simple (and awesome) suggestions for dressing up like your character of choice.

Disney Tatts

In need of a Disney tattoo? Then you also need to be following this IG.

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