These Disney-inspired leggings are having a moment Mickey Mouse would approve of

If you’re obsessed with everything Disney, and Disney-related, and love nothing more than a cute and comfortable outfit, than LuLaRoe may be your knight in shining armor. The direct-sales company, which sells directly to their saleswomen who sell over social media, is like the cool older-sister of Mary Kay or Avon — and this time they’re selling clothing.

Although they’re not licensed Disney products, LuLaRoe’s Disney-inspired clothing is everywhere right now. The pieces include super comfortable leggings, dresses, and skirts, all of which have prints reminiscent of our favorite Disney movies, like Lion King, Snow White, and Moana.

And yes, there are plenty of Mickey and Minnie-inspired pieces as well.

LuLaRoe sells their clothing to independent consultants, who then shell it out over Facebook, Instagram, and in-person. And since there are tens of thousands of consultants and only 5,000 prints of each piece, searching for your very own LuLaRoe Disney piece can be a little bit difficult. Thankfully, Facebook groups like LuLaRoe Loving and Disney Obsessed, and LuLaRoe Everything Disney, exist to match shoppers with their dream pieces.

Are you searching for a pair of cheetah-printed leggings for Animal Kingdom? Maybe something that Rapunzel would wear? If you’re looking for something modest, cute, and cozy, then LuLaRoe may just be a perfect fit. You’re going to have to find an independent retailer to join the team, but that’s the easy part! The hardest part is not buying everything they have in stock.

We’re crossing our fingers you find your perfect Disney leggings!

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