Disney super fans can now subscribe to get Haunted Mansion goodies every single month

Disney has just mixed one part monthly box subscription with one part theme park experience and added a dash of modern technology to create the ultimate magical interactive adventure.

Basically, they just took the proverbial creative storytelling mic and straight up dropped it.


I’m talking about their recent unveiling of the new, limited edition Haunted Mansion mystery box subscription. While this isn’t the first time Disney has played around with the idea of monthly goody box subscriptions, it’s definitely the first time they’ve taken it to the next level. These lucky Haunted Mansion subscribers will be getting three months worth of themed Disney collectibles (as you’d expect from a monthly subscription). But those collectibles all double as interactive clues with hidden meanings that begin to unveil some of the shrouded mystery that hangs over the Haunted Mansion.

The items in each month’s box will be specially made to interact with a free iPhone app, so that your phone immediately becomes a secret decoder. The clues the app gives will enhance your Haunted Mansion experience by giving added insights into one of the most mysterious locations at the park. You’ll be able to not only see more about each collectible shipped to you, but some of the spirits will apparently talk to you through your phone as well. And how much will this enhanced experience cost you? $199.

The adorable name they gave to this whole subscription experience? Fright Club. Because, of course they did.

If you’re a Disney super fan who missed out on this groundbreaking new experience, don’t let it haunt you forever. Something as exciting and popular as this experience will surely come around again. Besides, if there’s one thing we know about ghosts, it’s that they hang around for a while and tend to show up when you least suspect it.

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