FYI, you don’t have to pay for water at Disneyland

Like everything else the light touches at a Disney Park, bottles of water cost mad Disney Dollars. But you don’t have to be cornered into spending a fortune on it because of this little secret: water at Disneyland and Disney World is actually FREE.

but you don’t have to be cornered into spending a fortune on it because of this well kept secret:

Yes, you read that right. FREE. If you’re looking to quench your thirst at a location where there’s a soda fountain, you can ask for a cup of water, and Disney will give you a cup of water. Bonus: you’ll get some ice, too!

This is something super useful for when it’s a ridiculously hot in the Florida/California sun, and also when you’re running low on Disney Dollars. That dough’s got to be saved for Dole Whips and Churros, obviously.

The one catch, and only catch, is that you can only ask for cups of water at stands with soda fountains. You’ll find soda fountains at all quick service locations, and also many outdoor venting carts, too.

Sometimes, on really hot days, cast members will actually fill cups of water ahead of time, anticipating that the heat will simply be TOO MUCH. You still need to wait in an orderly line with others looking to buy popcorn and Coke, but Disney is more than happy to provide you with a cup of water, at no cost.

This is the easiest, and by far cheapest, way to snag some magically delicious Disney fountain water. And the more hydrated you are, the more energy you’ll have to ride Space Mountain again and again all day long.

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