This woman’s Disney food art is almost too amazing to eat (almost)

Those Mickey Mouse ears pancakes and ketchup smiley faces from your childhood have nothing on the whimsical, Disney culinary creations of Malaysian super-mom, Samantha Lee. Lee has found a creative and beautiful way to inspire her two daughters to eat healthy foods. Lucky for us, she documents her meal masterpieces on her wildly-popular Instagram account — showing off her talent for turning rice and greens into impeccable replicas of Disney characters. Lee has become quite successful and earned much deserved attention from sharing her unique talent. She’s even been tapped by companies like MasterCard and Barilla for advertising campaigns.

Lee hopes to inspire other parents to get creative with meal time, “I’m always happy to inspire other mums out there to create cute food art for their kids. It doesn’t have to be done every day; just try it once in a while.” She doesn’t stick to just Disney-themed food, creating edible art depicting other popular characters like Elvis, Harry Potter, Bart Simpson, and Batman. There seems to be no limit to what Lee can do with her talent!

Check out some of her magical creations below and follow her on Instagram for more unique food inspiration!

We are absolutely in awe of this edible art. Excuse us while we go spend all day trying to make something that looks even a fraction as delectable.

(Images via Instagram)

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