BuzzFeed made a VERY important discovery about Disney characters and fingernails

Pause your scrolling through some re-imagined Disney princesses for a second, because we’ve gotta talk about every single Disney character. All of them. Princesses, princes, heroes, villains, and Genies. There’s something a bit alarming, that BuzzFeed has just brought to our attention about our favorite Disney characters. Um, where are their fingernails?

This isn’t a new thing that’s been happening with just the recent Disney animated movies. This fingernail question goes all the way back to the OG character, Snow White. She doesn’t have any finger nails. Actually, Aurora and Cinderella don’t have fingernails, either.

And sure, you might think, “well then it’s just a thing for Disney princesses not to have fingernails.” That’s not true, because Belle has fingernails. Actually, let’s double back the OG Evil Queen in Snow White, because, SHE had fingernails in 1937. What gives?

It appears as if over the last 78 years and 54 animated features, there is no real rhyme or reason as to which characters have fingernails, and which don’t. As BuzzFeed points out, some characters have fingernails in some scenes and no fingernails in others (like Gaston). Same with Princess Jasmine. One second she does, and then one whole new world later, she doesn’t.

There could actually be a simple reason for this and it all has to do with how costly and time-consuming it is to make an animated feature. Just like how many Disney characters only have four fingers (ahem, Mickey), it was cheaper and faster to only draw him with four, instead of five, so maybe the same can be said for fingernails. It was so much easier to do away with nails all together, so fingernails went bibbidi bobbidi bye. Except for when they didn’t.

But now this new revelation is shattering our Disney-loving world, and it’s going to be hard to NOT focus on the fact that Ariel doesn’t have nails while Ursula does. Ursula even has PAINTED nails. Explain that one to us.

So Disney, what’s up? What’s the reason behind all of this, if there even is a reason? We’ve got questions. Where are our fingernail answers?

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