Attention, Disney fans: You can buy those viral Minnie Mouse heels for $22

Any Disney lover will tell you than an investment in a little mouse-inspired swag is a worthwhile cause. However, those viral Oscar Tiye Minnie Mouse heels everyone flipped out for on Instagram are just a wee bit unrealistic for the average shopper at $615 a pop (note: they’ve since been reduced to $245). But lucky for us bargainistas, Primark is blessing us with a super similar version for a cool $22.

Praise the Disney powers that be!

As the eagle eyes over at Cosmopolitan U.K. pointed out, Primark added both black and gold versions of the Minnie Mouse heels to their holiday 2017 collection. And while much of Primark’s fantastic merchandise is unavailable in the U.S. — they are U.K.-based, after all — Refinery29 confirmed that the brand intends to sell the limited edition bow heels stateside this November.


Now that’s cause for celebration, folks.

Primark is known as a premiere fast fashion destination with an array of viral collabs featuring major figures from Harry Potter to the Disney Princesses. Most recently, we lost our minds over their fit-for-a-princess Beauty and the Beast bedding and pajamas line.

But back to those shoes — out just in time for the holidays, we’re predicting these babies are going to be one of the hottest holiday party accessories on the market. Heck, they might even sell so well that they become a staple shoe for the brand. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for.

Oh, and if the reaction these stunning heels have already received is any indication of what’s to come, we’re thinking Primark may have a few more Disney-themed tricks up their sleeve for their holiday line.

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