Watch out, Disney fans, prices at U.S. theme parks just went up

If you’re a fan of Disneyland and Walt Disney World — and, tbh, who isn’t — we have some bad news. Yup, watch out, Disney fans, prices at U.S. theme parks went up, reported CNNMoney. We know — we’re crying, too. Luckily, the price hikes aren’t too steep, but still.

The new Disney theme park prices started today, February 12th, according to ABC7.

“If you compare our pricing to other forms of family entertainment — from football games to golf events to ski passes, major concerts — we offer a great value for the money, a Disney spokesperson said via email, reported CNNMoney. “Guests can enjoy a full day of entertainment (up to 16 hours) when at Disney Parks.

Truth. But…

So how much did prices go up?

Single-day tickets to the Magic Kingdom will now cost $107, $115, or $124, season-contingent, versus $105, $110, or $124. At Disneyland, single-day tickets will now cost $97, $110, or $124 versus $95, $105, or $119.

What about annual passes, right?!

At Disney World, the Platinum Pass went up $30 and is now $779. The Platinum Plus Pass went up $40, which means a total of $869. If you’re a Disneyland person, the Deluxe Annual Pass went up to $619 from $599. However, the cost of the Premier, Signature Plus, and Signature Annual Passes are still the same. (Yay!)

And for ~super~ Disney fans in the U.S., what about the Premier Passport, so one can get into both parks? It’s the same price — $1,439 — woot-woot! And, yes, parking has gone up, too — $40 to park at Disney World versus $35.

And why the price increases anyway?!

To “better manage demand” and they’re “reflective of the distinctly Disney offerings at all of our parks,” a Disney spokesperson said, according to CNNMoney. Okay, guess we can’t argue with that…

Of course, the price increases won’t stop us from going to the Disney theme parks. A girl’s gotta have her tea cups, after all.

Annnnnnd, if you’re like us, you love getting good deals on things, like Disneyland and Disney World tickets, so don’t forget to scour websites for lower ticket prices — including the theme parks’ sites, too.

Okay, even though the prices have gone up, now we’re in the mood to go to Disneyland or Disney World rn. Who’s with us?!

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