Here’s proof “Finding Dory” fits into this super popular Pixar theory

If you haven’t yet heard of The Pixar Theory, then you’re in for a treat. What we’re referring to is a hypothesis created by film critic Jon Negroni, who believes that all Pixar films take place in one giant universe and on one giant timeline. As for Finding Dory, this movie is no exception to the rule.

Now, it’s time for some background: Since Finding Dory takes place one year after Finding Nemo (on the Pixar timeline, of course), this means that both movies come after Toy Story 2, but are before Ratatouille. This is important to note because in the Pixar universe, there’s a constant struggle between humans, machines, and animals.


Jonathan Carlin (of the Super Carlin Brothers) recently released a video explaining how Finding Dory may fit into the Pixar timeline. (In other words: SPOILER ALERT.) Essentially, Carlin believes that in the world of Pixar, a species (such as those in the ocean) are able to thrive and advance based on the amount of interaction they have with the human race.

Since the fish in both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory have barely interacted with humans, that would explain why they are able to talk and make intelligent decisions. Then, on the other hand, we have an animal character like Buster (Andy’s pet dachshund) from Toy Story, who is around humans on the regular and is, thus, unable to speak.


Jonathan also predicts that while animals are evolving in the Pixar universe, humans are doing the opposite (especially as they continue to rely more on machines). On the timeline, The Incredibles comes before Toy Story 2 and represents a time when humans are at their peak. Things then start to go downhill as humans continue to pollute the earth (which can be seen in Finding Dory when California’s waters are shown to be filled with trash). Ultimately, humans end up as they are in Wall-E, completely dependent on machines on a trash-filled planet.


When it comes to Ratatouille (which is situated after Finding Dory on the timeline), Carlin’s theory once again makes sense. He stated that a species is able to thrive depending on how habitable their environment is. Since the Pixar universe continues to be polluted by garbage, this then allows a certain species to advance: rats, like the ones in Ratatouille. That would explain why Remy the rat was able to succeed as a chef, since he was thriving in a world that’s being increasingly filled with pollution.

Overall, our minds are completely and utterly blown – especially since we can’t even imagine the amount of thought and effort that goes into making a Pixar movie this complex.

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