Our fave Disney stories and fairy tales got an unbelievably gorgeous East Asian makeover

Beloved fairy tale princesses have gotten East Asian makeovers, and they look absolutely, stop-traffic, amazing.

Emerging Korean artist Na Young Wu is changing these familiar characters (like Alice of Alice in Wonderand, and Snow White) by re-imagining them using a Korean technique of illustration called manhwa. Manwha is most notably used in manga (Japanese comics), and has really picked up quite a following in American culture in recent years. If you’ve ever read even a little bit of manga, these renderings will feel relatable and familiar. Wu’s vision has fused East and West resulting in a finished product so beautiful we are ready to plaster our bedroom walls in these babies.

I’ll wait while you process how gorgeous these pictures are.

The Princess and the Frog 

Little Red Riding Hood

The Snow Queen

Wild Swans

The Little Mermaid 

Snow White


Alice in Wonderland 

Wu’s technique mixes manhwa and these familiar icons into images that are unbelievably unique, allowing us to re-imagine stories we know so well — not to mention, allowing other cultures to more closely identify with these Western tales.

Her pictures are beyond transformative, and unlock a vision for what could be in any genre.

Wu is a modern and prolific artist who also goes by the handle Obsidian in her blog and on Twitter. She also has a strong Tumblr presence in which she receives a whole lot of very well-deserved rave reviews.

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