There’s now a new holiday drone show at Disney, and it is the coolest thing ever

As if the holidays weren’t magical enough as it is, Disney has gone and completely stepped up their magical holiday game, and done so by like a billion. Sure, you can see holiday fireworks and holiday parades just about anywhere in the world (been there, done that) but there aren’t too many places where you can see a holiday DRONE show — but you can at Disney.

There’s a brand new show at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World, Starbright Holidays, and it’s unlike any other show you’ve ever seen before — holiday or not. Earlier this year, we learned that Disney was working to make drone technology a thing for their parks (and these Disney drones are adorably called “Flixels”) and now they’re actually happening, and taking flight.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, there are over 300 of these Flixels flying in the sky at night, and not to brag or anything, but this is the first time a drone show of this size has ever been performed in the United States.

The show is set to a classic holiday soundtrack, and like this needs to be even MORE impressive, the Flixels light up and actually move through the air creating shapes like stars, trees, and doves. It’s crazy cool, and something you need to see to believe.

The holiday seasons runs now through the beginning of January at Disney Springs. If this is something you need to see to believe the magic, figure out a way to get to Disney World ASAP.

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