This Disney dream home in Florida will make you realize your Disney obsession is actually quite tame

A house in Florida is for sale. That’s not interesting. What’s interesting is that the house sits just three miles from the edges of the Disney property in Windermere, Florida, it has a perfect view of the Disney World firework display — oh, and every inch of the house is covered in Disney props, memorabilia, and decor. The house also has a view of the lake, but that takes a backseat to the magnificent Disney obsession going on inside the walls.

Some outlets are referring to the house as a “Disney dream home,” and that would be accurate. From the outside, the home looks like any other seven-bedroom suburban home in Florida, but once you go inside, it’s like your own personal D23 Expo.

The Zillow listing says, “almost every room has a Magical Theme,” and yes, they really do. The bathroom is a tribute to Tinker Bell. One bedroom is all Aladdin. Another bathroom is decked out in Frozen decor. There’s a living room that Goofy and Max would want to move into. There’s even an entire room dedicated exclusively to holiday-themed Disney toys. And this palatial Disney estate has seven bedrooms, so feel free to click through the Zillow gallery for the next fifteen minutes.





The home is currently for sale by owner and the asking rate is $888,000, which is quite the steal for a seven-bedroom Disney shrine with nightly fireworks just miles from the park’s ticketing booth. If you’ve already got season passes and you love DisneyBounding, perhaps moving into a Disney-fied home is the next logical step on your Disney-loving journey.