Disney is now making actual donuts in the shape of Mickey Mouse, and what a time to be alive

Food at the Disney Parks around the world is having a MOMENT. Did it start with the introduction of the Grey Stuff? Is Groot Bread to blame? Or should we go all the way back to the OG Disney delicacy, Dole Whip? Whatever caused this sudden surge in absolutely amazing (and adorable) Disney food, we love it. And Disney now might have just outdone themselves with the latest creation:

Mickey Mouse donuts.

But these aren’t your regular run of the mill donuts with like, a circle and two smaller circles to form Mickey. This is an actual donut in the shape of Mickey Mouse. This is a real, magical thing.


While these are absolutely amazing, it’s going to be a little bit of a trek to get your hands on one…because currently, you can only find them at Shanghai Disneyland in China. They’re available over at Remy’s Patisserie – and it sounds like an adorable Disney bakery, because it IS an adorable Disney bakery. LOOK:

And also, yes, if anyone’s wondering, totally willing to travel to great lengths to snag a Mickey-shaped donut.



It appears as if the donuts come in a few flavors (and/or colors), with pink donuts, white donuts, or cinnamon sugar donuts.

Eating one of these donuts basically guarantees you a happily ever after. Let’s hope these come stateside, and SOON.