Awwww, this IRL dog has the biggest crush on this Disney dog

Stryker the dog is a seemingly normal Belgian Malinois. He loves to lounge outside, and can regularly be found keeping an eye on his owners’ horses. Oh, and he also obsessively watch Bolt in front of 8 million people on the Internet!

Back in 2008, Stryker’s owners figured out that he absolutely loved the Disney animated feature, Bolt, because every time they turned on the movie, Stryker excitedly pranced around in front of the television. One day, when Stryker was having a serious fandog moment, his owner caught the adorableness on camera and posted it to Facebook.

Seven years later, the video started circulating after a Facebook page called True Feed re-posted it. Stryker’s pure happiness is reminiscent of any time any of us watched our favorite Disney movie as a kid, and soon the clip had been watched millions of times. Stryker’s owners posted a full, four-minute video to the dog’s YouTube channel and created him a Facebook page. As you do.

Here are some of the highlights from the video:

When Bolt comes on screen, Stryker plants himself right in front of the TV, eager to catch every detail. Dog crush alert!

Stryker does a sort of dog high-five, bopping his nose to Bolt’s. Then, when Bolt runs, Stryker bounces up and down like he wants to follow along. It’s kind of like seeing a toddler watch Dora the Explorer.

The crazy combination of joy and frustration that he can’t actually hang out with Bolt goes to Stryker’s head and he has to take out his aggression on a stuffed dog. RIP stuffed dog.

Stryker is basically a big, furry fangirl. And he’s really happy about it.

Then, when his little friend wants to play instead of watch the movie, Stryker doesn’t blink an eye before offering up his toy. He’s pretty much like, “Don’t bother me. I’m watching my stories.”

Check out the full video of Stryker’s Bolt love affair here.


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