We need this “Frozen” themed dim sum ASAP!

It’s nearly impossible not to love dim sum, and we all know that they’re even more exciting when inspired by movies we know and love. Wait, what?! Despite what you might think, movie themed dim sum are actually not a bizarre fantasy we concocted – they are offered at theme parks such as Hong Kong Disneyland – and now the vision has been realized at Shanghai’s Disney Resort, which just opened this month.

But before we lose our minds over this Disney dim sum, let’s look at regular dim sum (for comparison’s sake).

That is as standard as they come, alright! Okay, now here is the Disney dim sum. As you can see, it’s Frozen‘s Olaf the Snowman! His head is made from a steamed white red bean bun. And we must admit, he looks as cute (and delicious) as ever. false

Oh Shanghai Disney, we love your creativity forever and always. Please make dim sum from ALL our favorite Disney movies, like Toy Story and Wall-E and Zootopia and Inside Out! Rumor has it they already made dim sum from the Chicken Little characters, but we’re still awaiting those photos.

Obviously, if you live in Shanghai, SCORE (i.e. please go and eat Olaf the Snowman today – we will live vicariously through you)! But if not, maybe plan a quick trip? If that isn’t an option, it’s all going to be okay. This dim sum will still work wonders as a spectacular feast for your eyes.

Disney, you never let us down.