From Mickey Mouse ice cream-inspired outfits to Disney-themed dresses, here are 16 Dapper Day fashion looks

For those unaware of the fashion rumblings that went on this past weekend, Sunday marked the relatively new (five years running) holiday known as Dapper Day. If you’re wondering whether or not this is a day dedicated to rosy-cheeked couples in fancy old hats, you’re on the right track!

In a spirit of fun, Dapper Day was started back in 2011 by a Californian named Justin Jorgensen who wanted to dedicate a special day to wearing the finest retro threads at Disneyland. Since its birth, this has given Californians and Disneyland visitors from all over an official excuse to flex their semi-formal fashion leanings, and we love seeing all of the looks people come up with.

While it’s always hard to narrow it down, we managed to pick 16 of our favorite Dapper Day beauty and fashion looks!

1This woman in Tinkerbell green

2This couple giving off Hollywood vibes

3This Pretty in Pink family

4This couple dressed like Mickey Mouse ice cream and Dole whipped cream

5These ladies dressed as Hook and Smee

6This dapper white rabbit and the mad hatter

7These women ready for tea time

8This woman dressed as Mickey Mouse

9These rescue rangers

10This adorable couple with Mickey Mouse

11This dancing trio of friends

12This dancing baby in red

13The adorable Padme and Chewbacca

14This television ready couple

15These dashing young lads

16This 1950s Barbie

Everybody killed it this year.