Disney just did the most un-Disney thing with their new costumes

Next month, Disney is going to unleash up a brand new world down in Orlando, Florida. Pandora: The World of Avatar is scheduled to open in a few short weeks, and slowly more and more details are emerging from this brand new area. Located in Animal Kingdom, the land is going to be the first area inside Disney without any mention of Disney.

Blasphemy, you say. It’s located in a Disney Park! Yes, but Disney is really trying to immerse you in Pandora, not the sweltering Orlando sun. This means, there won’t be any Disney signage, or language, or even a picture of Mickey Mouse, let alone any hidden Mickeys (probably). This also means that Pandora is going to be the only land in Disney World where cast members wear a Disney name tags without the name ~Disney~.

And sure, there are locations at Disney World that don’t have Disney cast members working them (think, like Disney Springs), but none of them are a giant, brand new land, inside A DISNEY THEME PARK.

Instead of the the castle and clouds – which adorns every other Disney name tag — these new name tags for Pandora bear the name ACE, for Alpha Centauri Expeditions. Obviously. They’re the expedition group that’s going to take you on this tour to Pandora. They’re the ones replacing Mickey Mouse. false false

The name tags also don’t include the usual “Hometown, State” as all other ones too. Instead, they specify the cast members hometown, state, and then that the cast member is from EARTH. Like…there is another option right now.

These name tags were put on display for a small press event at Animal Kingdom on Monday. Along with the name tags, the costumes for the land were also debuted, and are clearly heavily inspired by the blue Na’vi — but these costumes still have that sort of Disney flair.


Though it’s clear there won’t be an excessive amount of pixie dust in Pandora, Disney’s aiming to make a different kind of magic with this new venture. We’re excited to see what the whole land looks like when Pandora opens up on May 27th.